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The Calculated Investments Summit

The Calculated Investments Summit

Streamed Virtually: Saturday 07 August
10am NZT / 8am AEST

Know Your Numbers!!!

Learn your key numbers like a pro and maximise your investment returns!

Are you sick and tired of second guessing yourself or trying to decide how to invest next?
The numbers never lie!

Learn how to remove the emotion and invest by the numbers.
It is not enough to know the basics, in order to truly understand just how good your portfolio is doing, you need to understand how hard your money is working. This allows you to spot lazy money quickly and get it out working for you.

Whether you are a mathematician or you have an innate fear of numbers, this summit will take a deep dive into some of the most important equations you need to know in order to measure the performance of your portfolio or analyse your next property deal. 
If you’re looking to get rid of that lazy money within your portfolio and put it to work then you will love the calculated investments summit. 

At the summit you will learn the following:

- How to repurpose lazy equity to give you greater returns.
- How to manipulate yields to create an extra six figures of value.
- How to judge which deal is actually better
- What strategies can you put in place to minimise your tax bill?
- How does depreciation fit into your property investment tool kit?
- Which investment pays the highest returns
- How  to purchase property with no money down
- How to turn a $95,000 property into a $1,400,000 cashflow machine
- How to get a school for free

Plus so much more

Your Speakers

Kyron Gosse


A change maker, futurist and entrepreneur, Kyron believes that every person on this planet was born to do awesome, unfortunately most people get caught up in the daily grind, never being able to fulfil their purpose.

Kyron’s mission is to help people create freedom to they can spend less time working to pay the bills and more time following their passions, pursuing their purpose and doing more of what they love. 

Key Note:
Matt Harris

Specialist Tax Accountant
Property Developer
Property Investor

After nine years working as a Specialist Tax Auditor for Inland Revenue, Matthew brings extensive taxation experience to the Property Tax Returns team.

Matthew has a particular interest in tax efficient structures, international taxation concerning property, and the tax rules in regards to property investment, subdivision and development. As a rental property owner and property developer, Matthew knows first hand the taxation issues that can arise when owning property.

Special Guests:
Xiao & Andrew Yu

Property Investors
Project Managers
Business Owners

Xiao and Andrew are two property investing extraordinaires who apply their problem solving skills to solve unique challenges for great profit. 
As real estate investors, they learn, apply and practice the art of getting money to work hard and earn 10%+ p.a. return, giving themselves, their family and their investment partners the freedom they desire.
The couple invest in a number of different countries and asset classes, including New Zealand, Australia, US, Europe and Canada. 

Who should attend?

This event is for those who want to learn how to become a master of the calculator, and hone their numbers to ensure they are making informed decisions around their investing.  On this summit you will learn how to work the numbers to ensure you are maximising your return on investment and getting to your financial goals faster. 

First Time Investors

First Time Investors will learn the strategies that will allow them to create passive income and achieve financial freedom. 

Home Owners

Home Owners will learn how they can leverage equity within their own home in order to build a property portfolio that pays them to own it. 

Existing Investors

Existing Property Investors will learn the strategies to better leverage other peoples time, money and resources to build a passive income stream. 

Three Ticket Options

Ticket for good
  • Live access to the summit
  • Lifetime access to the recordings
  • Bonus Q&A session with the presenters
  • Provide 300 bricks to school infrastructure programmes in remote Cambodian villages
Ticket for life
  • Live access to the summit
  • Lifetime access to the recordings
  • Bonus Q&A session with the presenters
Ticket for the day
  • Live access to the summit

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